7ft Carnival Frame Games

The eye-catching artwork of these games are sure to grab the attention of everyone at your next carnival or event! Each frame game has an impeccable colorful and rugged background canvas set onto heavy-duty framework measuring approximately 7ft x 7ft.

Each game is unique in the way it plays from blasting slime balls, throwing poo, and flinging shrimp to kicking rubber chickens, firing arrows, and zapping zombies! All games can involve tickets, points, or prizes!




$50 each

to book visit:


or call 857-4121


Food Fight: Pie Face

Grab a messy Whipped Cream Pie for this crowd pleasing party game... the Victim stands directly behind the vinyl banner putting their face through the cut out circle - 3, 2, 1... launch Pies!


Included are Safety Goggles +

Big Wet Sponges (if messy pies aren't preferred) 

Does not include Whipped Cream



Chef Challenge

The wackiest game on our menu, become a prized Chef and Feed the Hungry Guests! Complete with Spatulas and realistic Rubber Shrimp, use the Spatulas to toss or fling the Shrimp into the mouths of the Eager Patrons! Score points for every mouth fed!

Pirate Swashbuckler

The scurrrrvy Pirates have stolen the buried treasure and now it's time to stop them from getting away! Catapult Rubber Cannon Balls at the Pirate Ship but only score a direct hit when the ball crashes into the ship or smashes the sails!



Chicken Flingers

It's Feeding Time and the Chef needs help in the Kitchen! Gather up the Rubber Chickens and set them on the Chicken Flinger! Get Ready, Aim and Stomp them Flying into the Chef's Pot! The more Chickens in the pot the more points scored!

Alien Invasion

Orbit into space to negotiate an Alien Invasion! Use 2 Nerf Bow n' Arrows to fire warning shots toward the Space Invaders with Foam Arrows! Turns out these Aliens aren't any danger and are here for fun! Shoot target practice with the Aliens to total up the points!  



Monkey Poo Dodgeball

Monkey Poo Dodge Ball is a wild and gross game that no 12 year-old can resist! The game comes complete with several piles of "poo", which the players toss at the rampaging mutant monkeys. The point system makes for a great competitive game for all ages!

Road Kill Cafe

Hungry?? Come eat at the Road Kill Cafe! Players smash (or throw) the stuffed road kill animals through the grill of the Big-Rig or under the Speeding Tires! Animals include 2 Rabid Raccoons, 3 squashed squirrels and 2 Mommy Rabbits!

Conk the Crow

 Ring the Scare Crows! Game comes with 6 twelve inch Rings in total - 3 Orange and 3 Yellow - Ring more Crows than your opponent and you'll be crowned the Conking Crow Champion!

Zap the Zombies

The Walking Dead are loose and terrorizing all in their path! Fend them off by grabbing the Nerf Zombie Zapper to shoot Velcro tipped arrows at their brains! But the pressure is on... misfire and you just may turn into a Zombie yourself!

Pumpkin Pitch

Pumpkin Pitch is sure to make any fall festival or Halloween party a hit with kids! This colorful and exciting game uses adorable Jack-O-Lanterns that children try to catapult (or toss) into the pumpkin!

Snowball Fight

Burrr!!! It's too cold outside! Well bring the fun of the freezing outdoor winter snowball fight indoors! Complete with a bunch of stuffed fluffy snowballs, take AIM for the other children hiding behind the snow fort! Score points by making it through the holes!

Slime Machine

Players will throw the green 'No Mess' gooey slime balls at stacked plastic KBR Ooze cans! Knock as many cans over to score the points and win the game!

5ft Carnival Frame Games

Birthday Party 2 in 1

Pin the Tail on the Birthday Cake!

This frame game is only 5ft by 5ft to accommodate the perfect size Birthday Cake. The entire canvas is made of a thick foam+felt material

5ft Photobooth Backgrounds!

Done with pinning candles? 2 extra vinyl banners are included with some basic props! 

Cowboy Hats for WANTED

 Hawaiian Leis for the BEACH 

Tough Guy 2 for 1

These frame games are 5ft by 5ft.



Bullz Eye: Axe Throwing!

Throwing Foam Axes with Velcro, Players will aim for the Bullz Eye that is made of a thick foam+felt material. Axe too difficult? Foam Pellet-balls are also included!

Rattlesnake Round Up!

Done flinging Axes? Round up some Snakes! Use 2 plastic tongs to corral some rattlers! Pick-up the snakes and toss them into the bag without using your hands!

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